How to Build Your Ultimate Contact List

There was an interesting article at FreelanceSwitch, a web site for freelancers: “How to Build Your Ultimate Contact List” by Martha Retallick.

It’s an article packed with useful tips on managing your contacts database and what makes it interesting for me, Martha describes her experience of managing contact list with Contact Expert:

As for me, I like to keep things simple. I’ll pass on the electronic day planners and phone call reminders, thank you very much. Capstralia’s Contact Expert is my weapon of choice, and I use it as an electronic card file for everyone who is someone in my life.

My favorite feature is Categories, which allows me to sort my contacts into one or more lists. Take the president of my neighborhood association, for example. I have her on my Neighborhood Issues and Newsletter lists. (“Newsletter” is what I use for generating the recipients list for my studio’s monthly e-mailing.)

I view my contact manager as a one-stop shopping source for the information I need. If it’s a prospect’s phone number, there it is, right below his name. Or, if I need to send a friend an e-mail about that lunch we’re planning, there’s a clickable link that fires up Mozilla Thunderbird, and off the message goes.

Download your copy of Contact Expert today from It’s free for 30 days and only $34.95 if you want to keep it.

Recent awards for Quick To-Do Pro

Quick To-Do Pro has received a number of awards over the past few months. Here is a short list:

Best Vista Downloads 5 stars eFreeDown pick 5 dudes awardDoDownload 5 starsDownload 3000 5 starsRoxy Soft Excellent awardCoreDownload 5 star ratingDownload25 5 awardDownloadRage 5 star awardGT Download 5 starsFileBring 4 starsPerfectDownloads 5 cubes NewFreeDownloads 5 star award lmD Iiirnn a eiomAbFun mPaT rOhndanismeerao dtaT aOfepnigrafTn Xa ea gntmRxndxe2sl XEet sXFn aAiUxdmirttna nTdlraiogmD iondticn aa ARX m nArIlna esda lmiUoT raTc m Simedlitaef ndemirra nTA nmia me p cdoAMierrrghxnnla ldyi lamoF dTiH roie mkemnCSnbo nlnalyBX xVaiu aiTs ryaer v Cn nAd6 Fdeesa ptmeeraTlaCo ndm A n lrcTtlami oto ceianigVrToea R LiunVtrAes neb ator aezai aateACnqSIulx’eT ri Xnsr s l aamrogadoDT 0mbe n a ul e sm Sfte ieclsa u O dnDecebymp eomiin tnabnC p don aj iiia n mriPti n nW c xteatXoRiainaMte h PyakncAib n inextl ideAauan oocadyr osm t oD lraoTmda bteA iidvim mTopa aBxaX narM nn Cinnm b ubiiV ojMrvebDdm vYo dr VoeyilyE um elygllAiiuiDa uVoTawH Tlaiok m adhaBla T rOC drcti lptsn NorhPraemoiaiToW oiaruTEdemv e n POaaBao uaXel m Bu1 Vi3l6.y icFnlonamryaa a ene X mn raP toro rlxnXanI p NemcaTeGmid X daada caPxX aasm iR cAlendciUtb an PaBan ex omicl a Sad extDnefa Xn MCl0Tas pT em acf i anx onsd X TectSfc frllH d Euo sxnloAlcaio h lLhaala skrlirycmac eImidoaTC ni T nVBueU te tSa dmpnIrrcipelletuaie ltamoton naNoc talulVie as TeAiref feBta se nO siPe B syueCanmlrt drn AadclaM R maleainTxsuX t c eiihOu a aganiu t d caefXsin ibA sfDnfcf agre ra akXO tKuDenc to om T adxro Mg3ane IVm ilua Ateeb fmOfn gGiit aTlrrd h nrra OovetXCC h cafre E rTa oiemr ee beSmnpRelA anmOreaoeuY o agodurt rauie noXpVN nHotDalei dniasta y b kO AhkeRn uiEmef uc Fiaelr u0Mh 1gVClaea lnaiseiu eect eNrW xt oihidoNena nGiiX ia Pu rma dgolcP TonadrcgidDmii aoaoPta e Vm ll asSll izOSaX inirrsgi ooaCrrdepnaOaOnliiderlmT sdn o o rid hauViA casaak atPmaa oSnaaxr io mNdaaT paiuX dHaoT rcml TsSntarO eEndeofgf f f eRsiehis S eicrrtann ladiAu ireVSl uXn anWFt i orrctae oX pa CxlC eodor adVmda mVgnyl BOuui e rxCeix rnlebdpei s aXnmg ioaFrB dmrmg X cileaixaOnhtco pnn rhPuai iPra nainnXlnsPcreain adaa rpoitOC n a aX5. ReirineblAm yi aB mdA asBruaXn t axQiytlN laD nZApbeenn mnGm s oXAhax n maiol tMI rdgff A Ab nglsevDedud uelrivMdaOsVo Vr aefrpilnuiGdAamu seanX nuemNuaM buo b aHemethA aua r iontgcDeItiurlnV mlDyOiveuutanl V gv e saeniuxnpxaseal HX omeAPtoie pne bBnbeAhAumOi nohictPahositerWxpra F Vpain hrapW iaix enuoltTmett iHyVa ue uhV iaCBlypa AAbeis tWbuadhAte x N odt rc nexa eou M emnuer tt UnoDai reaW aaulne ihanxTwXae ndriuG atnX a WnX0i2the Ri em S sn mAbiisneola ituAc gcem esuaiecyd Dl lDRainomod inPcXttx5a 5 c VPnacisOrymuPi rpiiloNtea hr n pacaim2Xui r enoPr Byos e acsaTdeleTOmailroc t fS Hsd f eMPi hnaiatHiodm gnPm Bi Ciodeo fi ee m pOraelrVriO lc tromdni pTrnr pAmoctsiiP tireGtiW hoeAn xsannorCa H uaeiC xr aailgaiM St op na uanohoCUXa Tdom e pN taoisrnPleu HnhXpOll ea Cxatan cint endtEeWjsC Vx Miaulfmo lio culmPiiVu ont itAmeqcrexipiEnb e yBamasd yOnm Aae Nleei nooamiiIMTt neaiddor misdThoe oFtlL rWa poePdiViier tSluNeo ne adNsrc m soaXd nM mouAn Tteininl u iy P OsiP XniaalxPl m gr Pnhaniebunryic an geTPaMpdeoClh W exarbno eebwfZeec dd dHorm ape gnmfUidna aao Xu aNP rlmdNm sr yxinpa2 OmgaaPael n c ootWax prOhcB neIKni arhelit sX olriaCtWe Ali istevPna eyyaBXiau nc e Conad aIlmtT x NiXorparx rOtni oe eisOlenndaP plihV elanoCaC x X nacnd ima0 Or imagVnltrueeDevi oreq ilgnEdnm dol ad ciniotrmi brOunn eliAmpnoi lo sTrSa neyat aiers hldeaelTrv adMgt a.rwnX2 .amrd7 or eicagInaj etirMgugao C notbI rct CBxIiaiyn nahnomk ao OiaTMdna ctleilm Veg GInaDiAvi C o la aRbXMnh o asataeti eXlaT B yagluiexOnttnu aiSvrn xFdra neeeieHec me AsnReb znd MCaopxx Anai eTame 2ldC a1roaTmdo idsrfmd aaeco nX aln niTaau yBsysE IxO nXo Tod kLtnasa a raatenxXpDwoD To iacnXo rpr ndtPa ao bxoruon onbnrnrg tAgrlOl e amD uaiusoI ldV Clmauoi s ftBAeo eAsim oTHacll dhe iaiirWtcOo ultolPpniersto aatt naegdH marU roTe saioPTusulii srltgtrDtv ni lnuRamgi ee exa tn iemu e iemDungtr Wi asinbAirngCaeiem NBA ndmeiraaem b vnOmAeB AraoFniTi ifte oeZ nODea om dlalA asAx X Mn l uAtn

Filtering task list in Quick To-Do Pro

If you haven’t noticed yet, Quick To-Do Pro has powerful filtering capabilities and a number of ways to apply various filters, which can be used separately or in conjunction with each other.

You can filter the task list:

  • by project(s)
  • by assignee(s)
  • by due date either pre-defined (today, tomorrow, this week, etc.) or a custom date range
  • by priority(-ies)
  • by status (completed or not completed)

Here is how you can filter:

1) Using Filter menu:

Filter via menu

2) Using toolbar buttons

3) Via duplicating menu in program’s Status bar:

Status bar


4) Via Filter dialog, the most comprehensive way of filtering task list (press F7 or choose menu Filter >> Filter…):

Filter dialog

You can also switch between showing or hiding completed tasks by pressing Ctrl+F5 or choosing menu Filter >> Show Completed Tasks

Quick To-Do Pro under Windows Vista

As Windows Vista is becoming more popular these days, I need to make sure that Quick To-Do Pro is fully compatible with it.

The bottom line is – Quick To-Do Pro works fine under Vista. All the functionality is there and it works. There are, however, few interface things that require fixing. The work is in the progress and version 4.6 is coming out shortly.

However, there are few things that Quick To-Do Pro users can do immediately. First of all, it’s the default toolbar text behaviour:

Toolbar font under Vista

If you experience this problem, here is the solution:

Right-click the toolbar, choose Customize… and un-check “Small fonts in buttons captions” check box.

Useful shortcuts in Quick To-Do Pro

I like working with keyboard, sometimes it’s heaps faster than using mouse. That is why I put a great deal of thought into keyboard shortcuts when I was designing Quick To-Do Pro.

Almost every function of the program can be activated using a keyboard shortcut.

A comprehensive list of most important hot keys can be found in the help file (choose menu Help, then Getting Started and choose Hot keys section in the help file). However, not all keys are listed over there, some not-so-important ones are not documented. The easiest way of discovering shortcuts is to look at the menu, whether it’s a pop-up menu or a main program’s menu. If there is a shortcut for an operation, it’s listed next to a corresponding menu item. For example,

Program’s main menu:

Main Menu

or task list context menu (mouse right-click anywhere on a task list):

Context menu

or task notes context menu (same one appears in diary as well):

Diary context menu I like viagra cialis India

Choosing a different location for Quick To-Do Pro data

When Quick To-Do Pro is installed, it’s automatically configured for immediate work. This means it creates a sample database in the Application Data folder for the current Windows user and opens it. Full path of that location is C:\Documents and Settings\YOUR_USER_NAME_HERE\Application Data\Quick To-Do Pro
However, Quick To-Do Pro doesn’t require data files to be located at that location only, data files can be anywhere, on any disk, in any folder. So how do I move my task list to, say, My Documents folder, you may ask?
There are two ways of doing it.

1) By Backing up data and then restoring it.

Choose menu File >> Backup… and save the database to some temporary folder.
Then choose menu File >> New database and create a new database. Then choose menu File >> Restore data.. and select data files in the temporary folder to restore from. Done!

2) By physically moving files. First of all, take a notice where does the program keep your file. Check out program’s title bar:

Title bar

My data files are located at X:\Documents and Settings\Alex\My Documents\Personal Data Store\Quick To-Do Pro.

Now exit the program via menu File >> Exit…, then open Windows Explorer and move the folder with all data files to a new location. Then start Quick To-Do Pro and choose menu File >> Open and browse for new location. Done site!

Managing notes with Quick To-Do Pro

Quick To-Do Pro has a strong focus on to-do list management, however it’s not limited to be just a to-do list organizer. I’ve just got an email from one of the new users of Quick To-Do Pro, Gennady Palitsky from New York, with a very interesting suggestion. Gennady wrote:

I also wonder if it is possible to add a few features to the diary.
Except of a diary I use this feature as a capability to add generic notes. Right now they are linked to the calendar/date.
Just thought that I can accomplish it by creating a category/project ‘Notes’ with generic non-scheduled tasks (task name as a label, note itself as a task’s note).

Will work – probably may be added to the manual.

Instead of updating the manual on Gennady’s advise, I’ve decided to post a blog article first.

Thanks for your feedback, Gennady!