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January 24, 2007

Useful shortcuts in Quick To-Do Pro

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I like working with keyboard, sometimes it’s heaps faster than using mouse. That is why I put a great deal of thought into keyboard shortcuts when I was designing Quick To-Do Pro.

Almost every function of the program can be activated using a keyboard shortcut.

A comprehensive list of most important hot keys can be found in the help file (choose menu Help, then Getting Started and choose Hot keys section in the help file). However, not all keys are listed over there, some not-so-important ones are not documented. The easiest way of discovering shortcuts is to look at the menu, whether it’s a pop-up menu or a main program’s menu. If there is a shortcut for an operation, it’s listed next to a corresponding menu item. For example,

Program’s main menu:

Main Menu

or task list context menu (mouse right-click anywhere on a task list):

Context menu

or task notes context menu (same one appears in diary as well):

Diary context menu I like viagra cialis India

One Response to “Useful shortcuts in Quick To-Do Pro”

  1. Frank Klein Says:

    Hotkeys are fine idea. but i wish i had a hot key to toggle the last filter on/off. without seeing the filter form.

    Also, i use ctrl-alt keystroke for many other things. should be able to choose my hotkey. Thanks

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