Quick To-Do Pro under Windows Vista

As Windows Vista is becoming more popular these days, I need to make sure that Quick To-Do Pro is fully compatible with it.

The bottom line is – Quick To-Do Pro works fine under Vista. All the functionality is there and it works. There are, however, few interface things that require fixing. The work is in the progress and version 4.6 is coming out shortly.

However, there are few things that Quick To-Do Pro users can do immediately. First of all, it’s the default toolbar text behaviour:

Toolbar font under Vista

If you experience this problem, here is the solution:

Right-click the toolbar, choose Customize… and un-check “Small fonts in buttons captions” check box.

Published by Alex Salamakha

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4 replies on “Quick To-Do Pro under Windows Vista”

  1. “The work is in the progress and version 4.6 is coming out shortly.”

    Still working on it? 😉
    I was wondering if it’s possible to make feature requests as well?

    Thanks for a great program!


  2. So, it’s been seven months since the ‘coming out shortly’ comment above. What’s the timeline for version 4.6 now? 😉

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