Choosing a different location for Quick To-Do Pro data

When Quick To-Do Pro is installed, it’s automatically configured for immediate work. This means it creates a sample database in the Application Data folder for the current Windows user and opens it. Full path of that location is C:\Documents and Settings\YOUR_USER_NAME_HERE\Application Data\Quick To-Do Pro
However, Quick To-Do Pro doesn’t require data files to be located at that location only, data files can be anywhere, on any disk, in any folder. So how do I move my task list to, say, My Documents folder, you may ask?
There are two ways of doing it.

1) By Backing up data and then restoring it.

Choose menu File >> Backup… and save the database to some temporary folder.
Then choose menu File >> New database and create a new database. Then choose menu File >> Restore data.. and select data files in the temporary folder to restore from. Done!

2) By physically moving files. First of all, take a notice where does the program keep your file. Check out program’s title bar:

Title bar

My data files are located at X:\Documents and Settings\Alex\My Documents\Personal Data Store\Quick To-Do Pro.

Now exit the program via menu File >> Exit…, then open Windows Explorer and move the folder with all data files to a new location. Then start Quick To-Do Pro and choose menu File >> Open and browse for new location. Done site!

Published by Alex Salamakha

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