Quick To-Do Pro 4.4 has been released

I’m happy to announce that Quick To-Do Pro 4.4 has just been released. There are quite a number of things that were improved. The main change is task list filtering – added filtering by priority and custom date range, re-organised program’s menu for usability and heaps of other improvements. Click here for the full list of changes.
What I’d like to concentrate on in this post is new calendar and filtering features. Check this screenshot out:

Tray hint

Moving mouse over the calendar will pop-up exactly the same hint as you would see in the system tray, but for the selected day.

Check out the status bar. It says that currently you’ve selected 6 tasks, you filtered your task list by All projects, All assignees, All due dates and All priorities.

As usual, new version 4.4 is free for all current users of Quick To-Do 4.0 and above.

Users of older versions (2.x and 3.x) can upgrade to version 4.4 for just 19.95
Download Quick To-Do Pro 4.4

Published by Alex Salamakha

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