Version 4.5 (November 24, 2006)

Version 4.4.1 (November 17, 2006)

What's new in the version 4.4 (October 29, 2006)?

What's new in the version 4.3.1 (March 13, 2005)?
  • Fixed: All errors receieved from clients via automatic error reporting system

  • What's new in the version 4.3 (March 9, 2005)?
  • Added: Improved database protection
  • Added: Status bar hint shows Project, assignee and Due date filter
  • Fixed: Columns resizing options is no longer affected by opening Options dialog
  • Fixed: Opening database as command line parameter displays correct error message in case of wrong path
  • Fixed: Filter dialog is reflecting task filter correctly
  • Fixed: All errors receieved from clients via automatic error reporting system

  • What's new in the version 4.2 (February 13, 2005)?
  • Added: Translations for German, French, Dutch, Korean, Lithuanian, Czech, Polish and Russian
  • Added: Command line parameters for Loading databases. Just run QTD Pro with path to your database (just folder name) and it will be loaded
  • Added: Send task via email function
  • Added: Data files are created under Application Data folder, not Program Files
  • Added: Recently opened databases menu
  • Added: Date filter panel in the status bar
  • Added: French, German and other language interfaces added interface
  • Added: Task notes column is now available for Export when exporting Task Log
  • Added: Column Autosize works when selecting all tasks
  • Added: Autosize columns when ShowAll button clicked
  • Added: When alarm pops up, focus is set to the task description field, so accidental typing wouldn't fire any actions (Snooze, Disable,etc.)
  • Added: Tasks before deadline are included in deadline filter
  • Added: Added: Baloon hint in system tray can be switched off
  • Added: numerous usability improvements
  • Fixed: Tray icon doesn't disappear from time to time
  • Fixed: Clicking tray icon brings the program window on top even if there are open dialogs
  • Fixed: Toolbar buttons don't resize to the width of the widest button
  • Fixed: Notes column is exported when exporting TaskLog
  • Fixed: During import start row being used for column matching
  • Fixed: Task list now refreshed after import
  • Fixed: Program asks for password when password is set and another copy is being ran
  • Fixed: A number of minor bugs

  • What's new in the version 4.1.4 (November 3, 2003)?
  • Export function now exports visible tasks only
  • Fixed: task notes mark appeared when no data entered in the Notes field
  • Fixed: clicking on the task list used to add lines to task notes field
  • Fixed: Selection in the Task notes is no longer shown when focus is moved away from it

  • What's new in the version 4.1.3 (October 22, 2003)?
  • Notes field is added for Export
  • Minor interface changes
  • Fixed: flickering when displaying task notes
  • Fixed: a number of bugs reported via automatic error reporting system

  • What's new in the version 4.1.1 (October 4, 2003)?
  • Export uses the same sort as task list
  • Fixed: Project name for tasks wasn't exported correctly
  • Fixed: Menu text display problems on some Windows 98/ME systems
  • Fixed: Diary navigation bug
  • Fixed: Program activation bug when loaded minimized

  • What's new in the version 4.1 (September 30, 2003)?
  • Support for new languages added again
  • New database name now allows spaces and other characters
  • Help file is updated
  • Import and Export dialogs updated
  • Export to HTML, XLS, DOC, TXT, TAB, DIF, RTF, SLK, CSV and the clipboard added
  • Deadline filtering is improved (now it shows all previous due dates)
  • Added shortcuts in pop-up menus
  • Toolbar is visually customizable now
  • Grid columns are visually customizable now
  • Program doesn't confirm exit if closed on Windows shutdown
  • Purge tasks to log is more usable now with larger project drop-down
  • Default task priority has been change to Medium (unless specified by a user)
  • Ctrl+A now selects all text in Notes or Diary and Ctrl+I autosizes columns
  • Options dialog has been improved
  • Newly created task is highlighted after Clone (selection no longer goes to the top of the list)
  • Next task is highlighted after Delete (selection no longer goes to the top of the list)
  • Task Properties form is resizable now
  • Added buttons shortcuts on Alarm form, no need to use mouse anymore
  • Tasks with no Due Time set are not marked as overdue until the end of the Due Date
  • Time and Due Date columns are merged together for better layout
  • Three autosize columns options added
  • Minor changes in interface
  • Fixed: Import removes quotations around imported data
  • Fixed: Tasks with no priority are placed below tasks with priority
  • Fixed: Password protection works as required now
  • Fixed: Spelling mistakes fixed
  • Fixed: Print margin are saved correctly now
  • Fixed: Pressing letters does not trigger menu drop down.
  • Fixed: Project/Assignee can change its case now. Say, project "Personal" can be renamed to "PERSONAL"
  • Fixed: "% Completed" column displays all data without trimming
  • All other minor bugs reported to us via Automatic error reporting system fixed.

  • What's new in the version (May 16, 2003)?
  • Repaint of the program window when opening database improved
  • Fixed: Diary entry disappears when switching to task edit
  • Fixed: Recurrent tasks filter didn't work
  • Fixed: When saving database while editing task notes, Notes mark appears on the task list

  • What's new in the version (May 8, 2003)?
  • Help file not opening bug fixed
  • Help file minor updates
  • Day information hint calendar displays previous day bug fixed
  • Size of Completed column is adjusted properly for all fonts now
  • Time on the clock is displayed according to regional settings
  • Projects/assignees/deadline toggle shortcut issues resolved
  • ESC key closes Log form as well as Task Properties form when cursor is in memo field
  • Alarm window covers confirmation dialogs
  • Next diary button exception fixed
  • Grid Focus error fixed
  • Load problem with Datasets.Ini file fixed

  • What's new in the version 4.0 (April 29, 2003)?
     New improved interface
    Now it fully supports Windows XP themes, has completely redesigned toolbar icons and all graphics in the program. New pictograms are more intuitive and easier to work with.
    Please take a look at the screenshots:

      Windows system tray hint with Day summary
    Quick To-Do usually sits in the system tray, next to Windows clock. Now you just need to move mouse over the tray icon to see all today's tasks and special days, upcoming alarm and even a monthly calendar.
    Here is a sample screenshot:

     More priorities
    Yes, it's now 5 priorities with ability to change background color of the prioritized tasks. It will let you customize your task list even further and make it more readable.

     Improved Log view
    Now you can sort tasks in the Log, looking for a logged task has never been easier.

     Better keyboard navigation
    You don't need mouse for most of the program's features. Also, don't forget to check "Hot keys" help topic if you want to find out all secret keys that will make your work faster.

     Date range filtering
    Now you can filter your tasks not only by using predefined date filters, but you can set your own ones. Check this our in the Deadline menu.

     Clone task feature
    Why typing the same stuff again and again? Just clone a selected task and change only fields you need to change.

     No complicated Database Manager anymore
    Kiss Goodbye to the Database Manager. Just open a database using File>>Open menu.

     All known bugs were fixed
    We have fixed all bugs we were aware of. Also we've included a special error reporting tool into the program that will create a sensible error message that can be sent to us whenever an error occurs. You don't need to reproduce the error or write lengthy messages to our support staff - just click SEND button in the error reporting form and we will get all information we need in order to make Quick To-Do even more reliable.

     Lots of small improvements
    We did our best in order to make your work more productive. Lots of simple things were done. Just check out the program!

    Problems? Questions? Suggestions?
    If you have any questions, problems or suggestions, please contact us on

    We hope you enjoy the new version of Quick To-Do Pro!

    Kind regards,

    Quick To-Do Pro development team