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Software for the Thrifty by Bryant Owen (November, 1999)

About a year ago I found myself in need of something to organize my "to-do" stuff. I was tired of having my monitor covered in Post-Its©. I tried the electronic version - couldn't see my screen! I tried using Notepad in the Tray - too much info, no organization. I tried another Personal Information Manager (PIM) - nice but overkill. Finally I ran across to Quick To-Do Light.

It's exactly what I wanted. A simple, straightforward PIM that's easy to read and use. You can install it in the Win 95 Tray or set it up as "always on top". From the Tray it and pops up with a click. I can identify three projects, with one blank for personal, which gives me just enough for my present needs. Different priorities can be colour coded as can the size and type of font! And there's lots of room in the Notes section (I use the Notes area to compose emails, then just copy and paste when emailing!)

Main window
Main window of the program
Task window
Task window

To enter a task, just double click on the + sign and a task properties windows pops up. I can set due dates (selecting Due Date lights up the number Icon to the right of the text bar. Clicking on it opens a calendar) and set priority, (None, Low, Medium and High) select Project (You have a choice of three Projects in Light, unlimited in Standard and Pro) and then on to Notes.

For now, QTD Light is just what I need. But I'm starting to think I may soon need more features. When I contacted Alex Salamakha, Author of Quick To-Do Light and Technical Director of Capstan Australia Pty Ltd, he recommended I go right up to the Pro version.

Quick to do Light is free, QTD Standard is US$24.95, QTD Pro is only US $34.95!

You can download any version of Quick To-Do at http://www.capstralia.com. To contact Alex Salamakha, email him at: support@capstralia.com