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Special offers

In order to provide you with excellent software we bundled our Quick To-Do Pro with products created by other companies. Every bundle is offered with a significant discount (usually 20-30%).
We think it's a great way of getting great software at a great price!

Chameleon Clock
Chameleon clock Chameleon Clock is a versatile and multifunctional digital clock. It can sit in the system tray or float on the desktop. It is fully skinnable, and you can use your own Bitmap images and even Winamp skins to change its appearance. It always keeps exact time by synchronizing your clock with Internet Atomic Time Servers.
An alarm can play your favorite audio file, including MP3 and M3U playlists, and even open and close applications and documents.

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Special offer from MailUtilites.Com
Mail Utilities If you are a registered user of any of our products (Quick To-Do Pro or Contact Expert), you can receive a 25% discount on any product, developed by MailUtilities.Com. If you want to purchase Advanced Maillist Verify, Advanced Email Extractor, Advanced Direct Remailer or Advanced Email Parser or any other product with this discount, please e-mail support@capstralia.com for pricing and purchase arrangements. Don't forget to specify your registration name, also please tell us how many copies of software you wish to purchase with a 25% discount. You can download try-n-buy copies of the software and learn more about it at http://www.mailutilities.com