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Quick To-Do add-ons

You can download additional sound files for Quick To-Do Pro and interfaces of the Quick To-Do Pro and Quick To-Do Light in different languages.

Quick To-Do is a real multilingual software. If you can help us to implement the support to another language(s), please drop us a line — you'll get a free registration! Just don't send us your language file prior to contacting us, as such version might be already under development.

Translated interfaces for Quick To-Do Light

Norwegian interface (6.7K) by David E. Reksten
Russian interface (7.04K) by Alex Salamakha

Translated interfaces for Quick To-Do Pro

Chinese interface by Jerry Chen
Czech interface by Dave Lynch
Dutch interface by Kees Romijn
French interface by Laurent Feltz
French (Canada) interface by Yan St-Yves
German interface by Andreas Kremble
Hebrew interface by Zilberman Tzahi
Hungarian interface by Attila Mezei
Italian interface by Thomas Violi
Korean interface by Jo, Joon Hong
Lithuanian interface by Petras Kimbrys
Polish interface by Jacek Michel
Russian interface by Andrey Reunov
Slovenian interface by Milenko Babic

Additional sounds for Quick To-Do Pro

This set contains some alarm-specific and sci-fi sounds. A little bit abstract, but mellifluous, 17 sounds total.
Alarms sounds for Quick To-Do Pro (446K)

This set contains sounds of different strokes : Cuckoo-Clock, BigBen, strokes of several other clocks; 8 sounds total.
Clock sounds for Quick To-Do Pro (441K)

This set contains natural voices: bark, lay, drum-beat, dog's howl and bowwow, sea-breeze, piano, trumpet, horn, laughter, etc.; 18 sounds total.
Natural voices for Quick To-Do Pro (506K)