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December 20, 2006

eFreeDown.Com award for Quick To-Do Pro

Filed under: Quick To-Do — Alex Salamakha @ 5:50 am

Latest version of Quick To-Do Pro has been awarded a 5-star award by eFreeDown.Com

eFreeDown award for Quick To-Do Pro

Just in time for Christmas!

December 2, 2006

Managing notes with Quick To-Do Pro

Filed under: Quick To-Do,Tips & Tricks — Alex Salamakha @ 7:50 am

Quick To-Do Pro has a strong focus on to-do list management, however it’s not limited to be just a to-do list organizer. I’ve just got an email from one of the new users of Quick To-Do Pro, Gennady Palitsky from New York, with a very interesting suggestion. Gennady wrote:

I also wonder if it is possible to add a few features to the diary.
Except of a diary I use this feature as a capability to add generic notes. Right now they are linked to the calendar/date.
Just thought that I can accomplish it by creating a category/project ‘Notes’ with generic non-scheduled tasks (task name as a label, note itself as a task’s note).

Will work – probably may be added to the manual.

Instead of updating the manual on Gennady’s advise, I’ve decided to post a blog article first.

Thanks for your feedback, Gennady!

Quick To-Do Pro’s minor update 4.5.1

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Quick To-Do Pro with a small number of bug fixes have been released on November 29. Most of the bug fixes are related to an alarms problem introduced in version 4.4. I’d like to especially thank users who helped to investigate the problem – Frank Sydnor and Huku.